Get a free private Git hosting!


I think that every one knows GitHub and as you should know that we can host there for free ours open source project’s but if we want to have a private repository we should pay for it. It seams fair … but what if I don’t want to pay ? I can setup my own server somewhere or … use one of on-line file hosting service like dropbox (for free we get here 2GB, this is lots of space for git repositories ;)).

How it is possible? It is only about files. As we all know git keeps everything inside .git folder, therefore we can put it in dropbox. To do it we only need to have an account and configured dropbox-folder on ours hard drive, and here is recipe:

  1. First of all we should add new remote to our git remote configuration, I’ll call it dropbox:
    git remote add dropbox file:///home/lock/path/to/dropbox-folder/project.git
  2. Now we should create folder project.git
  3. Launch a terminal and enter project.git folder
  4. Run:
    git init --bare
  5. Go back to yours project directory and push into dropbox:
    git push dropbox

Viola! Dropbox daemon will automatically synchronize with remote “repository”. And there is another feature of this solution, you can share this folder with yours friends!

But there are also some disadvantages:

  1. No access control – if you share yours project with friend she (or he) have full access and can even delete everything … but you always have yours local copy
  2. No web interface – this obvious … I think 😉

This solution I figure out few minutes ago and use it to backup my BS project, and it seams to be working very well 😉


As Tim said it is also possible to have a free Git hosting on To be honest I didn’t check it because solution with dropbox meets my needs.


According to Machu’s comment, there is also that gives 2GB for SVN or Git repository.