Eclipse Community Awards 2011

This was a very successful day for EGit team and me at EclipseCon. Its starts from very successful tutorial on EGit by Chris Aniszczyk, Matthias Sohn, Shawn Pearce and Stefan Lay. I think that this was largest simultaneous EGit testing that we ever had ;). Some bugs ware found during this tutorial and we (as a EGit developer team) get the most important thing … a users’ feedback! and we are looking forward for more opinions and hints from you about EGit ;>.  Some of the effects of the EGit tutorial can be seen in ours’ gerrit instance 😉

Few hours after EGit Tutorial the results of Eclipse Community Award 2011 were announced … and guess what? The EGit project won in category ‘Most Innovative New Feature or Project’! This is a great success for me and others EGit developers and it is a huge motivation for continue working and improving EGit.


Eclipse Community Award 2011 Top ContributorAs you might know, I was nominated in ‘Top Contributor’ category, and if you looks carefully on the left hand side picture of ‘Eclipse Community Award’ statue you might notice that there is my name on it … yes I’m a ‘Top Contributor’ in 2011. This whole history with Eclipse Community Awards was a huge surprise for me, starting from nomination, ending on a moment when I was keeping this statue in my hands. I want to thank everyone for voting on EGit project and me in Eclipse Community Awards. Also I want to encourage every Eclipse committer to participate in Google Summer of Code as a menthor … who knows maybe yours feature GSoC student will also be in feature nominated in Eclipse Community Awards … you only need to give him a chance 😉

Apart form that, big thanks to Google and Eclipse Foundation for giving me opportunity to participate in EclipseCon. Without theirs support I can only dream about participating in EclipseCon. Once again, thank Google!, thank Eclipse Foundation! 😉

BTW.  Any one flying Friday morning from San Jose to Dallas (AA1252) ? ;>

I’m nominated for Top Contributor in 2011 Eclipse Awards

To be honest I haven’t been fallowing anything connected with Eclipse Community Awards, because I was thinking that this isn’t for me as em I a humble EGit commiter. But is seams that some one has different opinion on this, because I was nominated …

You can imagine my surprise when I got an email with information that I’m nominated for Top Contributor. I was totally shock! and can’t believe in this. But then I check Eclipse Community Awards Bulletin and I saw my name on the list of nominated contributors … I believed that this it is true.

I’m honored, I’m truly honored, no mater what the final results would be I’m honored with this nomination!

Finally I want to encourage you to take part in voting for Eclipse Community Awards, especially I encourage to vote on EGit project with was nominated in category: Most Innovative New Feature or Eclipse Project 😉