EGit @ Poznań Eclipse DemoCamp

Yesterday Matthias Sohn, my mentor in Google Sumer of Code, ask me would I like to talk about EGit on Poznan Eclipse DemoCamp. After a moment’s reflection I’ve decided that this a great opportunity for me to get more involved in Eclipse community.

There are not much time for preparation, but I’m not a guy that prefer to have everything fixed, I’m rather prefer to improvise and let thing just happed ;). So I’m plan to have a quick introduction in Git, briefly describe differences between CVS/SVN and Git. Then I’ll move to describe features that we have in EGit 0.8 (that was released yesterday ;)). Last one but not least part would be a live demo covering some day to day use cases, describing how we, our company can benefit from distributed version control system.

btw. This would be my first public speak so I’m feeling stressed … I hope that everything went well during presentation 😉

P.S. I’ll be speaking in Polish of course 😉

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  1. jacek

    hej Darek, it will be fun to meet you in Poznan.
    1 (or 2?) years ago one of poznan gsoc students (Marek Zawirski) was also hacking EGit/JGit. let’s see how much changed since then 🙂

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  3. amorfis

    I’m just the next one to say “Thanks! Great presentation!”. I still remember you promised to give it at Szczecin JUG 🙂

  4. [LocK]

    I’m also remember that I’ve promised to give it in Szczecin … and I think that it would be very hard to forget about it ;). But right now I must focus on my GSoC project … but after GSoC I’m free 😉

    This would be also a great opportunity to speak about upcoming EGit 0.9 release with is planed in September.

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