EGit preliminary synchronization view support merged!

Yesterday  patch “Add preliminary synchronization support within Eclipse for branches” (to be honest it also supports synchronization with tags) was merged into master. What it means ? This mean that every one who want to play with current Synchronization view support in EGit can easily download it from EGit’s nightly build repository.

Quick description what is supported you can find in my previous post. Of course you can play with other new features like reimplemented Git Repositories view, colorize diff and others … detailed description can be found here 😉

Please be aware that this is only a “preliminary synchronization support“. This means that there are some things to work on and to be added in nearest feature. In case of any bugs or feature request please fill a bug report for EGit go right here.

5 Comments EGit preliminary synchronization view support merged!

  1. Dariusz Łuksza

    @Chris Aniszczyk
    Thank you Chris for congrats. There is also a huge merit of Remy Suen, without his initial contribution there will be no such great progress right now.

    This isn’t even a half of my GSoC project … there is so much things to do and so little time … but I’ll trying to as much as I can 😉

    OK, now it is time to go back and fix test cases for this feature 😉

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