EGit Synchornize ChnageSet – discussion

About 48 hours ago I was describing my first small step to get ChangeSet implemented. Two days is a lots of time, and current status of this feature can be described by this screen shot:

As you can see, the “Git Change Set” appears next to the standard change set representation, this can be changed using third tool bar button (from left hand side).

Currently list of commits contains only commits between base and destination rev, the common ancestor isn’t included or even dispatched by the change set implementation (this can, or even should, be changed). Also there should be included proper graphical representations for commits, folders and files; additionally compare view should be launched when we double click on file. That things should be improved/fixed before I’ll publish code.

Beside that small issues I think that right now it is the best time to start discussion how we (yes, me and you!) would like to use this feature and have it should behave and and look. What you can see in above screen shot is only my proposition and (as always) I’m open for any suggestions and ideas. The best place for this discussion is Eclispe’s Bugzilla and bug 318473, and I encourage you to share yours opinion with us!

I’m looking forward for any feedback about this feature 😉

BTW. One of thins that I’m proud of, in current implementation, is that I haven’t use any kind of internal API of Team Framework ;>

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