Eclipse DemoCamp Poznan 2011

Same as year ago, I’ll be presenting some new features in Eclipse on DemoCamp Poznan.

This time I’ll be mainly speaking about code review and how this process can be handled from Eclipse. Everything will be based on Gerrit Code review, I’ll also show Gerrit Jenkins/Hudson integration by Gerrit Trigger, another used project will be mylyn-reviews and last but not least will be (of course) EGit tadalafil 20mg price. All those projects will be mixed up together to give an quick overview of Code Review 2.0

If you are interested in, please “register” on event wiki page.

See you in Poznan!




Here you can find my presentation slides.

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  2. Tomek

    Dariusz, could you publish your presentation somewhere? Or at least share with us links for update sites you used to set up Mylyn Builds and Gerrit reviews. Thanks in advance.

    1. Dariusz Łuksza

      I’ve added link to the presentation into main post.

      In case of mylyn-jenkins/hudson plugin I’ve used connector from Tasktop pro. You can easily install it from list of available mylyn connectors. Rest plugins (egit and mylyn-reviews) was used from Eclipse Hudson nightly build.


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